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The U.S. Department of Transportation found that the Tornado Bus Driver driving in the November 25th accident on I-40 near Forest City had been driving too many hours. Too many hours means the Tornado Bus Company disregarded the passengers’ safety. Too many hours means Tornado Bus Company is responsible for four deaths from the accident.

Companies like the Tornado Bus Company should be held accountable. As far as I am concerned they should never be able to operate again. Basically when a company violates a rule and kills someone that is murder. What happens in this country when someone commits murder? They go to prison for life or receive the death sentence. The Tornado Bus Company should receive the death sentence.

The Department of Transportation ordered Tornado of Dallas to cease all commercial transportation operations immediately. Let’s hope this is permanent. The department found Tornado poses imminent hazard to its passengers for letting (encouraging) its drivers to operate buses more than the maximum time allowed. Tornado was also falsifying records. I wish we could punish the management and leadership of Tornado who obviously allowed this felonious behavior.

Melissa DeLaney, a U.S. dept of transportation spokesperson said, “This is a flagrant disregard for our federal laws.” Mrs. DeLaney is right. Tornado did not care about following our laws. Tornado only cared about one thing…MONEY! Well, how do you put a price on the lives they took and seriously injured?
Felix Badillo Tapia from Texas had been driving the Tornado bus for more than 10 hours continuously on November 25th when he fell asleep and drove across the median. The Tornado bus hit a truck and a tractor-trailer. Three people on the bus was killed and one of the other drivers.

Forty-six passengers were heading from Milwaukee to Dallas. Let’s say a prayer for this folks who have lost loved ones or have experiences injuries at the hands of the Tornado bus company.
Tornado Bus Company was falsifying records when it listed a co-driver for Tapia. Payroll records from Tornado indicated the named (alleged) co-driver was actually off duty in El Paso at the time of the accident.
Tornado has been fined $57,680 since 2001 for violating hours of service requirements and falsifying records. This means that Tornado would rather pay these small fines that follow the rules. It is time to hold these wrongdoers accountable for their actions.

Tornado Bus Company is dirty and they are rule breakers. They have a history of non-compliance and violations. Tornado has illegally dispatched drivers alone on routes lasting as long as 17 hours without back-up drivers. Tornado doesn’t care to break the law. Imagine what laws they have broken and rules they have violated that we do not even know about yet.

The families of these how lost loved ones and the folks who were injured in the wreck have the ability to hold this bad company accountable for their actions. Let’s not let companies like Tornado get away with this and just pay some small fine to start breaking the rules on the road again.

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