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    A Magazine, Arkansas native died late Thursday night in a head-on collision in Logan County.  Scott Allen Rogers, 39, died when another individual’s Jeep left the road on a curve, was over-corrected, and then crossed back across the road hitting Roger’s car head-on. 

    This unfortunate event should be a reminder to all of us that over-correcting can lead to an accident.  People who drive SUV’s and teens are the most susceptible to over-correcting which can lead to both head-on collisions and rollovers.

    In fact, many rollovers occur when drivers over-correct their steering as a panic reaction to an emergency—or even to a wheel going off the pavement’s edge.  At highway speeds, over-correcting or excessive steering can cause the driver to lose control, which can force the vehicle to slide sideways and roll over.  Sudden vehicle maneuvers are particularly risky since the speed and load shift can make the vehicle unstable.

    Therefore, it is important for every driver to know proper maneuvering.  If your vehicle leaves goes off the pavement edge, steer the vehicle back into the roadway.  Slight steering inputs back onto the roadway reduces the risk of pinching the tire sidewalls against the edge of the road or induce a flex in the sidewall that could cause the vehicle to veer out of control while transitioning from shoulder to road.  This is a proven technique.  Also, reduce speeds when negotiating turns, avoid sudden vehicle maneuvers, over-correcting, or excessive steering that can result in loss of control that may result in a maneuver initiated rollover.

    For more tips on proper driving for you and your teen, check out this teen driving website at

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