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This post written by: Leona Crowe, Legal Assistant to Sach Oliver

After much thought, I realized that one of the reasons we can provide excellent service and care to our clients is because our clients are the best! Sometimes, however, our clients are extremely frustrated when they first contact us…let me explain.

Put yourself in a new client’s shoes. You are driving to work one day and because someone else is talking on their cell phone or putting on their makeup and not paying attention. You are hit and injured as a result of their lack of following the rules of the road. Then you don’t make it to work because you are going to the emergency room in an ambulance or you are going to see your primary care doctor. You continue to have additional visits to your doctor or to a specialist and during the entire time you are trying to get well your phone is ringing off the hook from aggressive insurance adjusters or from bill collectors. Bills are piling up. All of this at once can be extremely stressful and frustrating.

So, the extremely stressed and frustrated client can at the beginning be stressed because they are so tired of dealing with the insurance companies, paperwork, doctor’s visits, prescriptions, therapy, and all that goes with the healing process.

Then a great thing happens, you choose to let Bailey & Oliver Law Firm to handle your personal injury case. We immediately send out letters to the insurance companies that we represent you and stop those letters and phone calls. We send requests to medical providers for your medical records and billing. We can even call and help stop the collection calls. In most cases, we can work with the creditors to prevent them from reporting the debt on your credit report. Wow, that is a lot of stress off of our great client so that they may concentrate on getting well.

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