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It seems every day we read an article in the newspaper where someone is hurt or killed in a head-on collision on another Arkansas Curvy Road. Our state is beautiful and these curvy roads allow us to drive and enjoy the scenery. However, we must be extra careful while driving the roads to avoid wrecks especially head-on collisions.

This article is specifically talking about Arkansas Highway 14 from Mountain View to the Batesville area. This last week there was a terrible accident where someone was killed and three other were seriously injured. According to the Arkansas Democrat, Mr. William Gilbert, 45 years old, lost life in a head-on collision when another drive crossed the center line driving a 1990 Mazda B-Serious. Mr. Gilbert was from Mountain View and drove a Jeep Cherokee. The wreck happened near the Pleasant Grove community around 6:00pm.

There are a few steps drivers can take to help prevent wrecks. These steps are simple, obvious, and often not followed by drivers.

Step 1: Pay Close Attention to the Road. This is obvious; however with all of today’s technology, gizmos, and gadgets, it is harder and harder to do. Even I have a GPS, cell phone, radio, recorder, and probably many other things in my truck. We must take extra care on curvy roads not to use these gizmos while driving or we might lose control of our vehicle or cross the center line.

Step 2: Look As Far As You Can Down the Road. This is harder to do on curvy roads. However, if you are consciously trying to see as far as possible in front of you, you will be able to react faster, know your obstacles, and it forces you to see the road.

Step 3: Keep Your Headlights On During the Day Time. Fortunately, most of our newer model vehicles do this automatically. But, if your car doesn’t have the lights on during the day, you can manually turn them on. Having your headlights on will make your car more noticeable to other vehicles so they can react to you or avoid you on the roads.

Step 4: Pray Other Drivers Are Following These Rules. The one thing we can’t control on the road is the other driver. That is why defensive driving is so important. If you simply think of Mr. Gilbert and his family, it will cause you to slow down, pay attention, and drive extra careful. Let’s all keep his family in our prayers.

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