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In the past it was thought that connective tissue injuries resulting from a rear end collision did not ever heal. Now new evidence suggests that Chiropractic treatment combined with good nutrition can support healing in some cases.
Often victims of rear end collisions have neck pain associated with headaches within the first few hours following a wreck. Allopathic physicians like those found in most emergency rooms, are usually limited to prescribing pain killers and muscle relaxers. This may temporarily ease the pain, but does little to heal the underlying injury.
Chiropractic physicians are especially trained to treat this type of injury. Their treatment may involve massage and or heat to bring blood and oxygen to the injured tissue. In some cases a chiropractic physician may prescribe nutrients to help the body rebuild the destroyed tissue.
It is important to seek early chiropractic treatment if you have been injured in an accident to help deal with the inflammation resulting from the torn and damaged connective tissue. The chiropractic physician is also trained to look for closed head injury that often occurs along with the connective tissue injury. A chiropractic physician can work closely with a trial attorney to see that the needed care and treatment is paid for by the wrongdoer’s insurance.

For more information on this subject, please refer to the section on Medical Malpractice and Negligent Care.

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