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A 18 year old freshmen who was pledging a fraternity at St. John’s University suffered kidney failure and dehydration following hazing incidents. The freshman was hospitalized in critical condition and underwent kidney dialysis for four days.

Ms. Harker, the freshmen’s mother, wants someone to be arrested for this tortuous behavior. She also wants the Sigma Chi Upsilon Fraternity at the Grymes Hill Campus to be suspended. Fraternities who haze should know that a death penalty for the fraternity is the consequence.

Naturally, with most hazing incidents, the Fraternity is trying to sweep this under the rug. Ms. Harker wants someone to be held accountable and they should be.

The freshmen was made to walk backwards down stairs on his knees, do push-ups (with someone on his back), sit-ups, and hold heavy objects for extended period of times. He was slapped, held down, and jabbed in the chest with a broom handle when he did not do as exactly told or instructed. There is no telling what else the poor kid had to do.

The young man is emotionally traumatized and is extremely and intimidated and experiencing fear of returning to school. This is common with hazing victims. The one being hazed is treated terribly by the hazers when the victim is injured.

Fraternity hazing must stop and the National Fraternities who organize and govern the local chapters have a duty to make sure hazing stops. The National fraternities should permanently end any chapter that is guilty of hazing.

Our firm handles hazing cases and is understanding and sympathetic to what the freshmen from the Grymes campus is experiencing.

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