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Focus groups can tell you more about your case than a team of the most experienced attorneys. The reason is simply. Jurors decide cases…not attorneys. That is why we conduct focus groups or sometimes called mock trials on all of our cases in litigation.

Focus groups are not expensive compared to other litigation costs and the value of the information learned is invaluable. I am always amazed at what 12 honest people will do with a set of facts. A focus group will always want more information and have hundreds of questions. Our job is to find the information the jurors want and answer the questions the jurors want answered. If we can answer all the questions, then the case is much stronger. Also, a focus group will point out all the case’s weak points and help you find ways to solve those problems with the right information.

One the most fun parts of conducting the focus group is learning about the jurors and how their life experiences effect the way they look at your case. People love being mock jurors and I always have folks ask me when can they do it again.

At seminars, I have heard nationally recognized attorneys say that it is legal negligence for an attorney not to focus group a case before taking it trial. I guess it is analogous to playing in the super-bowl championship and never practicing ahead of time…you are going lose. So attorneys should practice and run the case by mock jurors before entering the big game “trial.”

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