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People of all ages should be carefully monitored, particularly when starting Cymbalta or any other antidepressant treatment. The FDA recently issued a new warning about suicidal thinking in adults taking antidepressants and the FDA specifically singled out Cymbalta. If you, your family member, or a friend is taking Cymbalta, please be careful.

Cymbalta’s generic name is duloxetine. The FDA singled out Cymbalta because it has a higher than expected rate of suicide attempts. Cymbalta is made by Eli Lilly. Eli Lilly has a clinic at Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis. Traci Johnson, who did not suffer from depression, volunteered for trial testing of Cymbalta. As a result of Cymbalta, Traci hung herself in one of the clinic’s showers. Traci was the fifth patient to commit suicide after taking Cymbalta in clinical trials. For heaven sakes, please do not volunteer for any clinical testing involving Cymbalta.

Why do you think Eli Lilly pushes this drug onto so many doctors and then onto the patients? Some analysts believe that Cymbalta will generate revenue up to $3 billion by 2009. This is why every night while watching TV you see dozens of Cymbalta commercials.

Our firm is handling Cymbalta suicide cases. Not until after meeting the families of the Cymbalta victims did I immediately call my own family to make certain they were not taking Cymbalta. My heart stopped to learn that several of my own family members had taken Cymbalta and no one had warned them about the consequences. Please, before even thinking of taking Cymbalta, research the drug thoroughly and make certain the patient is closely monitored

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