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I was finding myself bogging with the blogging!! Down, that is! A lot of research goes into all of my blogs because I am so often writing about issues that are damaging to the general public, and I want to be well-informed. It can get to be heavy-duty reading when one is reading for 2 hours a day about products or practices that have not taken responsibility

for their actions or results. I began to think about why we blog. We blog to get a message out there to the public. More importantly, I blog so that you know that our law firm cares about taking on cases that represent ones who wouldn’t have a chance to overcome adversity on their own. I find in my discussions with the firm’s attorneys a real desire to see positive change for the clients. I do believe for awhile, at least, I’ll blog about why we are in this business, and what you can expect from us at Bailey and Oliver Law Firm.

You, as a consumer, so rarely have a chance to cry out against injustice. In today’s economy, political influence still affects the most change. Big business like Wal-Mart and the the powerful lobbying influences of the medical and insurance communities tend to stomp all over the ordinary people of this nation. It was the above listed powers-that-be that recognized that to cut off the legs of the general public was to play their beliefs as money-hungry ,lawsuit hungry, frivolous beings. The end result has been to see power once again in the hands of only a few, especially the insurance companies. We can equalize the lop-sided spread of justice. Call us; we may be idealists, but you as a client being treated fairly would be ideal for us.

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