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Wow! In the last month, our firm has tried two four day jury trials and been blessed with wonderful verdicts for our clients. One of the trials was in Melbourne, Arkansas and the other was in Little Rock, Arkansas. We appreciate the time the jurors took out of their lives to serve as jurors. We appreciate the Judge’s time and all of those people who help to run the court system. We also appreciate our clients having the faith and trust in us to take their cases before 12 honest jurors, present the case, and allow jury system to work to decide fair and just results. Also, it is a pleasure to try cases against respected and trustworthy defense attorneys as we experienced in both cases.

I have blogged on this topic before, but it is worthy of mentioning again. One of my favorite things about a mult-day trial is the deep relationship we develop with our clients. There is nothing that brings you together more than working in the trenches together all day long. During a trial, we experience positive and negative times, emotional feelings whether sad or happy, a tremendous amount of talking on serious matters and for laughter, and developing trust for each other.

The only way to maximize the value of our clients cases is to be 100% prepared to go to trial. I know it is likely that a case will settle as most do and it is easier on both parties to settle the case. We do all that we can prompt good faith settlements. However, I look forward to our next trial. I look forward to working with our client/s during our next trial. I look forward to the opportunity to watch and particiate in our jury system as a group of people make the final decision and not an insurance company or corporation or politician.

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