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If you are anything like me, getting a first opinion from doctor is a big step in its own right. However, we see more and more that a second opinion can be invaluable to the safety of our clients. Unfortunately, many of the clients we see are like me, they didn’t want to go to the doctor in the first place, and they sure don’t want to go to another doctor, especially when the first doctor says they are fine.

However, it has been our experience that most of our clients who were the victim of a misdiagnosis, and were told they were fine, knew in their heart of hearts that they were not. It is a tough pill to swallow– that the doctor we put our trust in isn’t right– but erring on the side of caution can save your health and protect you legally.

In nearly every focus group we do concerning a misdiagnosis or medical negligence, the jurors are quick to ask if the victim got a second opinion. Even though statistics confirm our own experience… that most people are not prone to getting second opinions, especially when they get (supposedly) good news, juries inevitably impose a higher standard of personal responsibility on the client than they do themselves. They almost always say, "I would have gotten second opinion," or "he should have known that the doctor was wrong by the way he was feeling."

While, for most of us, it goes against our nature to question our doctor and subject ourselves to another round of tests and office visits, ultimately, it is a good idea for our own health and legal safety.

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