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Toni Greetan- Injury, Dreams, and Triumph

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This is a remarkable story.  Toni Greetan, an 18 year old student currently attending Bentonville High School, took grievous damage to her spine when she, as the passenger in the back of the car, got in a wreck.  Although conscious, she has no recollection of the crash.

          Now confined to a wheel chair, Toni conjures memories of her uncle, Scott Marlow, who also went through and accident, but accomplished great things.  Even though he passed away two years ago, he left footprints in her life that have motivated Toni to continue to shoot for her dreams.

“Since I learned about my injury, I think about Scott.  He died two years ago, but I know all the things he achieved, and I know I can live my dreams, too.”

-Toni Greetan

Toni later wants to be a kindergarten teacher, and enjoys working with children.  Recently, she just attended the prom after being picked by vendor Spectrum Brands Remington at the Benton County girl to be outfitted for the prom.  Toni thoroughly enjoyed the evening, not letting her injury stop her from having fun.

Toni draws support from her close relationship with her grandmother, Mary Hobbs.  They have been living together, in a tight relationship for the past seven years.  Toni says that her grandmother is her main support.  Her grandmother was before, and after the crash.

Obviously, Toni is an outstanding person with exceptional strength. More people should demonstrate this type of character, and resilience.  The future is bright for this young lady.