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Sach D. Oliver
Sach D. Oliver
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Wonderful Clients

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This last month, our firm has been working extremely hard on several cases. Our trial team has been away from the office, away from our families, and away from our day to day lives. As I reflect on this time we have spent working and traveling, my favorite aspect is spending all of this time with our clients. When we spend days and days with our client in trial or at a long hearing, we get to know these folks at new level. When you have been in the trenches together you bond and develepe a friendship that is special.

This last month, I have made new friends, close friends, people that I will stay in touch with long after their cases are over and closed. I want to thank these clients for being so wonderful and such caring people. It is not often where you see clients and their lawyers enjoying each others’ company, crying together, laughing together, and hugging when you say goodbye.

To our great clients, and you know who you are, thank you for being wonderful. I look forward to our next road trip together. I look forward to our next visit.