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Sach D. Oliver
Sach D. Oliver
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Is Chick-fil-A so good it causes car accidents?

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Recently, a new Chick-fil-A opened in Bentonville, Arkansas. The news claims the new restaurant has caused heavy traffic. I have driven by many Chick-fil-A restraunts and they do smell great and their chicken is awesome, but I have never not been able to control my vehicle because of the great smell. This past Saturday two vehicles collided near the Bentonville Chick-fil-A entrance. The impact was severe enough to knock one vehicle over on its side. Bentonville police reported five folks were taken to Northwest Medical Center of Benton County. Apparently, seven children were also involved in the wreck.

It is unknown whose carelessnes caused this accident. One thing I am sure of, Chick-fil-A did not cause it. If an area is experiencing heavy traffic, we have a duty as drivers to be extra cautious. We drive so much, we forget that our vehicles can cause serious injury and even death. The next time you approach somewhere as popular as Chic-fil-A in Bentonville, hit the brakes, slow down, and enjoy the smell.