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FDA Continues to Search for Cause of Salmonella Outbreak

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As the number of Salmonella related illnesses nears 1,000, Officials from the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are still searching for the cause of the Salmonella outbreak. According to the FDA, tomatoes still top the list as the prime suspect, but investigators are looking into other ingredients found in salsa.

The FDA has begun to focus on jalapeƱos, cilantro and serrano peppers as the common salsa ingredients in their investigation. Investigators are now stopping shipments of jalapeƱos as they cross the border from Mexico.

The FDA continues to warn consumers of the risks of eating red plum, red round, and Roma tomatoes. According to farmers, this warning, which was initially made in April, has cost the tomato industry more than $100 million.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons