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Smart Operating Surgical Wand

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This post written by: Leona Crowe, Legal Assistant to Sach Oliver

Recently, I read an article in the Chicago Tribune regarding a special wand that is used during surgery to locate objects that could be left inside a patient. The sponges used during surgery have special tags and the wand picks up on these tags.

Manufactured by RF Surgical Systems of Bellevue, Wash., the RF Surgical Detection System uses a scanning wand to find any tagged items remaining in a patient. According to the story, nurses count the number of objects used during surgery and if the count isn’t exact then they use this special wand to locate other items in less than 60 seconds before closing the patient.

This makes you wonder why this would not be standard practice at all hospitals. If it is only a cost of $15.00 per surgery then it definitely would be beneficial to utilize such a great tool. It is no secret that objects left inside the body can cause blockage and even death. This type of tool also would prevent the needless costs of x-rays to rule out any sponges or items left behind or unaccounted for.

1 Comment

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  1. Mike Bryant says:
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    The kind of defensive medicine that prevents cases and helps the consumer. That’s the reform we need.