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Sach D. Oliver
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15 Passenger Vans are Dangerous

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15 passenger vans are large vehicles with five rows of seats intended to transport up to 15 people including the driver. The problem is that this van when loaded with people has a tendency to roll over easily and cause serious injury to passengers. The federal government now classifies 15 passenger vans as buses for the purposes of vehicle safety standards.

In the past, Dodge and Ford manufactured the majority of these dangerous vans. Dodge quit making them in 2002. Ford then dominated the market by making and selling 80% of the vans sold.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration found that fully loaded 15 passenger vans’ propensity to roll over was 44% compared to 26% in fully loaded minivans. These 15 passenger vans are at high risk to roll over when fully loaded and traveling at high speeds, for example on interstates.

Sadly, these vans are used to carry some of our most precious cargo…people: church groups, day care services for infants, sports teams, hotel/airport shuttles, and the list goes on. Our advice is not to purchase the potentially deadly vehicles or at least do not overload the vans. If you are driving these vans, slow down!

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