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Safety Guidelines for Safer Christmas Toys

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We have had a Christmas tree up in our house for nearly a month now! I tried to tell my wife that it wasn’t even Thanksgiving, much less, Christmas season. However, I was told that it was never too early for the Christmas spirit. It was about that time that I noticed a steady increase in the number of shiny and noisy things meant for someone else, namely, my little boy.

Being only six months old, I wanted to make sure each toy was safe. That is when I found some very helpful guidelines at KidsHealth.org. At this website you can find guidelines for selecting age appropriate toys. Also, the site offers tips as to what to look for on a toy label before you buy.

According to the Home Safety Council’s State of Home Safety in America™ (2002), emergency departments reported nearly 170,000 visits due to injuries related to toys at home in a single year. Before choosing toys and games for little ones on your shopping list, consider each child’s age, skills and abilities. Toys that are beyond your child’s age and developmental ability can be unsafe for him or her, so select toys that are appropriate rather than those children can "grow into". By doing this, you can insure a safer and happier Christmas for your little ones.