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Is That My Toy on the Recall List?

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It seems like everytime I turn on my computer, the first news that pops up on my screen is about a toy recall. I know Sach Oliver has blogged on this recently, and it only seems to me that more and more of our toys are unsafe. I read his blog, and I visit the consumer safety site regularly. However, it didn’t really hit home for me until I opened my computer and up popped a toy that I recognized.

As the father an almost 2-year-old (and someone who keeps a keen eye out for unsafe toys), I was still stunned when a picture of the "Pull-Along-Long" Friends toy was front and center.

Luckily, the toy that I thought I recognized is slighly different, but I’ll be taking the similar one out of the toybox just to be safe.

See the toy i recognized (and others) here.