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Heparin Fatalities up to 62 in Number

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As I checked the New York Times over the weekend, I found that updates on Heparin were available. Heparin, a blood thinner, primarily used in dialysis and many types of surgeries has now been linked to 62 suspicious deaths across the United States.

The FDA defines suspicious deaths as those that involve allergic reactions or blood pressure drops. These deaths are connected to the Baxter International Drug Company produced heparin that was made with ingredients provided by a Chinese supplier.

Heparin is made from pig intestines. Specifically, the mucus membranes of these intestines. Drug regulators in China have reported tighter supervision of thousands of  small family workshops that gather and treat the raw materials of the pigs then used in heparin production.

Another fatal aspect associated with heparin in the last few months have been deadly allergic reactions. Heparin drug lots that were tested by the FDA were shown to contain a substance similar enough to heparin to pass initial testing. But it was not heparin. It was an additive called oversulfated chondroitin sulfate which caused the deadly reactions.

If you, or a loved one have more questions about the possibility of heparin causing a death or adverse reactions, contact us a Bailey and Oliver Law Firm. This issue is of great concern to us as our loved ones have been administered heparin in the past.