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Pupil Transportation Safety – School Bus Accident – Lawyer

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When a child is crossing in front of a school bus, the bus driver is supposed to have mirrors to see the child. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 111 requires such mirrors for the safety of our children.

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 111 says “This standard specifies requirements for the performance and location of inside and outside rearview mirrors. Its purpose is to reduce the number of deaths and injuries that occur when the driver of a motor vehicle does not have a clear and reasonably unobstructed view to the rear.” In 1993 the standard was amended to includes, “Revised requirements for driver visibility in front of and along both sides of school buses.”

It is the law for school buses to have these mirrors. To learn more about these mirrors and the amount of safety the provide children, visit http://www.roscomirrors.com/.

When accidents happen, the parents should know the rules and laws. Bus drivers and school districts should always know the rules and laws to prevent accidents.