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Burgers as Bad as Cell Phones When Driving

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These days, talking on a cell phone and driving gets all the attention in the news. We all hear the reports and the statistics that using a cell phone while driving (especially without a hands-free device) is endangering ourselves and everyone else on the road. State legislatures across our nation are kicking into gear and banning the use of cell phones while driving. However, studies show that eating, not talking, is the most common no-no of the road and that enjoying your lunch while driving may be just as dangerous and talking on your phone.

At least one study indicates that 65 percent of drivers admit to eating while driving, compared to 58 percent that admit to talking on a cell phone. Drivers also thought that eating and talking were both unsafe but, admittedly, that didn’t stop many of them from filling up their personal gas tanks while they headed down the road. Drivers were asked to rate the dangerousness of several common distractions, including texting, applying make-up or shaving, and steering with the knees. Each of these distractions was rated more dangerous by the polltakers than talking on a cell phone or eating. However, the statistics show that the prevalence of eating makes it just as likely to be a causing factor in a wreck.

So, save the burger until the car is stopped. And, if you need one more reason… think of all the crumbs and sticky steering wheels you will avoid!